Once a student asked the famous philosopher Socrates, what is the secret of success? You are such a great teacher, you can easily answer this question. Socrates smiled. He asked the student to meet him on the bank of the river in the morning. The student was surprised, but he could not ask any question. In the morning the two met on the bank of the river. The student’s mind was eager to know the secret of success, he thought Socrates would give some great discourse. On the bank of the river Socrates asked the student to follow him. Socrates entered the river. There was fear in the student’s mind but he had no other way. On reaching deep water, suddenly Socrates grabbed the student’s head and drowned him in the water. The student yearned to get out, but Socrates was stronger than him.

After a while, when the student started sobbing badly, Socrates pulled him out of the water, the student started breathing as fast as possible. Now Socrates asked him, what did you need the most when you got out of the water, without which you could not survive?

The student replied – I could not understand anything except the wind. Then Socrates said with a smile that the day you have such a desire to get something that you cannot live without it, understand that success is ready to kiss, this is the secret of success.


UPSC is the most prestigious exam of the country and it demands a lot of sacrifice. Therefore, create a burning desire to be successful in yourself that without it you will have the same condition as “water without fish” success itself will reach your feet.


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