120 Days Fully Optimized Time Table for UPSC: Your Ultimate Timetable

120 Days Fully Optimized Time Table for UPSC: Your Ultimate Timetable


Navigating the labyrinthine world of UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) preparation can be a daunting task. Among the numerous resources available, NCERT books stand tall as indispensable tools. But how do you master the art of reading NCERT for UPSC effectively? We've got you covered with a comprehensive timetable to conquer these essential texts.

Setting the Stage


Week 1: Subject Selection

•    Day 1-2: Research UPSC syllabus; identify subjects.
•    Day 3-5: Choose
NCERT books based on subjects.
•    Day 6-7: Purchase or download selected NCERT books.

Week 2: Getting Organized

•    Day 8: Create a dedicated study space.
•    Day 9-10: Gather necessary stationery.
•    Day 11-14: Organize NCERT books by subject.

Week by Week Breakdown

Weeks 3-4: Dive into the Basics

•    Day 15-21: Begin with Class 6 NCERT books.
•    Day 22-28: Class 7 NCERT books.

Weeks 5-6: Building the Foundation

•    Day 29-35: Class 8 NCERT books.
•    Day 36-42: Class 9 NCERT books.

Weeks 7-8: Expanding Knowledge

•    Day 43-49: Class 10 NCERT books.
•    Day 50-56: Class 11 NCERT books.

Weeks 9-10: Delving Deeper

•    Day 57-63: Class 12 NCERT books.
•    Day 64-70: Revision and note-taking.
Fine-Tuning Your Approach

Weeks 11-12: Revise and Refine

•    Day 71-77: Revise Class 6-10 NCERT books.
•    Day 78-84: Revise Class 11-12 NCERT books.
•    Day 85-91: Focus on weak areas.


Simulate the Exam Environment

Week 13: Mock Tests

•    Day 92-98: Take mock tests on subjects covered.
•    Day 99-100: Review and analyze test results.

The Home Stretch

Week 14: Final Push

•    Day 101-105: Revision of Class 6-10 NCERT books.
•    Day 106-110: Revision of Class 11-12 NCERT books.

Mastery Achieved

Week 15: Last-Minute Prep
•    Day 111-115: Final revision of critical topics.
•    Day 116-120: Relax and de-stress.

Congratulations, You're Ready!

With this well-structured timetable, you'll be well-prepared to tackle the UPSC examination confidently. In this journey, it is imperative that you remain consistent and dedicated to your goals. If you ever need a deeper dive into UPSC preparation or other insightful tips, visit www.ojaank.com for a treasure trove of information on boosting your Brain Memory. Good luck!

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