From Mysuru to Delhi: The Heartfelt Journey of Hope and Unity in the Farmers Rally


In the wake of dawn, agrarians from Mysuru embarked on a journey to the heart of the nation, propelled by a collective resolve. The convocation dubbed "Delhi Chalo" beckons, a clarion call orchestrated by the Samyukta Kisan Morcha, set to reverberate through the corridors of power on the 13th of February. This congregation seeks to etch the plights and aspirations of the soil's stewards into the consciousness of the Union Government.


Kurubur Shanthakumar, the luminary at the helm of the Federation of Karnataka Farmers’ Associations, shared insights with the press, moments before the caravan's departure from the Mysuru City Railway terminus. The essence of their pilgrimage to Delhi, he elucidated, lies in galvanizing the central authorities towards enacting reforms that herald an era of prosperity and security for the farming fraternity. Foremost among their charter of demands is the enactment of statutes that ensure a guaranteed minimum support price for their toil's yield.


The fraternity’s entreaties extend beyond, encompassing a call for the obliteration of agricultural indebtedness and the establishment of a pensionary lifeline for those who have crossed the threshold of six decades in their agrarian journey. From diverse corners of Karnataka, cohorts of cultivators are converging on Delhi, each aboard a different steel chariot, united in purpose.


In a poignant reflection, Shanthakumar broached the subject of the recent bestowal of the Bharat Ratna upon the venerable agricultural savant, M. S. Swaminathan. He probed the rationale behind the neglect of Swaminathan’s blueprint for agricultural renaissance by the Union Government, juxtaposing the honour with an apparent disregard for its implications on farmer welfare.


Shanthakumar's rhetoric harbored a veiled admonition towards the incumbent regime, presaging an electoral tempest should the echelons of power remain indifferent to their clarion call. The horizon looms, bearing the potential for a paradigm shift, should the voices of the agrarian heartland find resonance within the sanctums of governance.

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